Who Are We?

At Lampeco South Africa, we believe that our clients deserve the highest quality plant hiring service. We decided to provide that service to you.

We are a truck and plant hire company In South Africa, providing equipment that is not only top-notch quality but also serves you in any kind of construction you are looking to do.

We have a goal of ensuring that your business gets to do your job as effectively and reliably as possible. We, Lampeco South Africa, provide that reliable equipment to your doorstep and will continue to do so for years to come. Lampeco South Africa has been in the game for over 25 years and our drive has not dwindled by even a smidgen. We know that excellence is produced through the use of excellent equipment.

What Do We Do?

Whether it is a short term or long term job, hiring is always the way to go, as purchasing vehicles and equipment can cost a lot and be a waste in the long term. Our crane mounted trucks, with its own self propelled loading and unloading machine is perfect for when you need to move heavy objects and materials from and to the truck. The benefit of these trucks is that once the task is completed, the crane will fold itself neatly, without the need for you to manually fold it yourself.

If you are looking to do agricultural work, Lampeco South Africa has got your back, as we supply tractors for your cultivation needs. Being a logistics company we want to get your business to where it needs to be and with products such as tippers, bulldozers, and backhoe loaders, your business will be working at optimum. If you believe that this is all we as a truck and plant hire company provide, then you’re sorely mistaken, as we have an abundance of construction vehicles at our disposal.

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If you are looking for a crane or concrete mixer, we’ve got them, and not only do we provide these products to you, but we are providing high-quality machines for your needs. If we supplied you with low quality, clunky, frequently breaking machinery, we would be doing you and ourselves a disservice.



  • Disciplined, safe and qualified hardworking driver.
  • Extensive experience over the year.
  • Internal maintenance and repair facilities.
  • Being customer focused in order to ensure that every service is personalised and that all clients’ needs are met.


  • To further grow and diversify LAMPECO to become a key player in the South African construction plant hire and long distance transport market - while still driving the transformation charter.
  • Expanding our client database.
  • Transferring of skills through training, development and support of unemployed youth and women.
  • Consistently providing unique exceptional service to our clients.



LAMPECO currently employs approximately 32 employees (drivers of code 10 and 14 automobiles, auto electricians, mechanics, painters, handymen and etc.).

All of our current employees are hardworking, loyal and form the core of our labour force. They are upbeat, confident, honest, well trained, detail oriented and are always looking for ways to best accommodate our clients’ needs.

The plant/vehicles contingent is made up of over 90 items. The company’s extensive expertise and infrastructure ensures that their fleet can be trusted to deliver consistently throughout Southern Africa at a very affordable price.

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Lamperini Construction cc - also known as LAMPECO – established in 1991, is a multi-faceted logistics services provider with its head office based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa and its depot in Nigel, South Africa.



10 Pytchley Road, Bryanston (Office)
Plot 44 Holgatefontein, Nigel (Depot)
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